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PyrosTheStickman's News

Posted by PyrosTheStickman - April 6th, 2013


The Juasaurus Rex


Posted by PyrosTheStickman - December 8th, 2012

Well, I originally said that TEC Brawl 2 would be released before 2013 started? I was wrong. We're looking at February/March release.I announced on Scratch that I would be learning other software and moving on. And so ends 3 years of projects.

But, I still have yet to learn StencylWorks and I'm still occupied with drawing comics.

Wanna Play TEC Brawl 1?

I'm also planning a different game too, but for obvious reasons I'm not gonna spoil that!

Posted by PyrosTheStickman - September 23rd, 2012

When I play flash games/movies on Newgrounds or elsewhere,the flash turns gray if my mouse is on it.Does anyone know why?I have the latest update for the flash player,by the way.

Flash player problem

Posted by PyrosTheStickman - July 21st, 2012

I've been animating and codin' with Scratch forever.That...doesn't fare well with the NG crowd.I'm working on TEC Brawl 2:The Devil Gang's Dungeon.It should be my final game for Scratch.I'm redoing the enemy AI and shop system,so that will take a long time.I'll probably remake some of my best games for flash as well.I'm gonna remake both TEC Brawl games,too.The 3rd game shall be made for flash only.

Posted by PyrosTheStickman - May 27th, 2012

I released a new animated short today.

I got bored of animating,so I just played games and drew comic strips for a while.But then,I was AGAIN bored and decided to dust some cobwebs off of Scratch and make something.I should post some new stuff soon,hopefully.School ends on May 30th so I'll probably be able to do that.

Posted by PyrosTheStickman - January 22nd, 2012

Remember Earthbound?The reason it was not made for virtual console,was that when the time came,ESRB said that it was illegal now due to the game containing knockoffs of copyrighted music tracks.Nintendo,refused to change it.Nowadays,if you play it any other was BESIDES on the Super Nintendo,you're breaking the law.Now,SOPA wants to shut down any website with copyrighted material posted by users.If they pass the bill then that's the end of Newgrounds.

And Youtube,Facebook,whoever's on MySpace anymore,etc

Posted by PyrosTheStickman - December 28th, 2011

Got Jak?

Posted by PyrosTheStickman - December 19th, 2011

And may all....your Christmases be..............dry.

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Posted by PyrosTheStickman - December 10th, 2011

Back in 2009,or something,or maybe it was '08,my aunt & uncle(or were it my adult cousins???)Got me this game called My Ocean Sim.I installed it,and I tried it.It was boring,and,at the time,hard for me to understand.

2011 rolls along.I get curious and read the manual PDF.I then try playing it.The mission is to buy,feed & watch fish,in hopes that they will mate & breed.I got the hang of it,and I imagine that it'll take like,4 months to complete.Once that's done,I might do a LP of it.......But for now,I plan to record me playing Super Paper Mario,battling through the Sammer Guys of chapter 6(I beat the final boss of the game,and,afterward,went over to 6-1,and discovered that you can defeat them all.).Due to my internet connection's incapability of uploading large vids,each part shall be 5 to 5 and a half minutes long.

Yeah,SPM was a good game.....but,
1.The idea of making a platforming paper mario game was stupid,but at least it worked.
2.In PMTTYD,you lose your partners-once.In SPM,you lose Tippi-Three times(by three,I mean that upon beating the game,Tippi goes away for the rest of inf. play mode).And once,you lose all Pixl's.
You even fight a boss once Pixl-less.I'm not saying this is bad,it's just awkward and wierd.
3.There are not JUST one,but 3 secret partners(or Pixls rather).Ask,and I will PM you about how to get them.They are useful(or at least one of them.......)
4.The music from Paper Mario TTYD was of higher quality.Some tunes from the game were still addicting nontheless.
5.In that "Magic Game of Tag",you have to chase dimentio through worlds from the game that you have already bested.It's kind of monotonous.And furthermore,wtf did they make you go through the broken Sammer Kingdom???What if someone with impaired vision couldn't see the dimensional rift real well???They would go on forever,and start flaming on ask.com.If they would have like,made flippable,platformable remakes of areas from the last 2 Paper Mario games to chase him through,it'd have been a much better experience.
6.There are TWO pits of 100 trials.Why.You even have to go through the second one TWICE before completing it.That makes 300 trials.And they don't let you use the Return Pipe.WHY can't the signal reach?What if we needed/wanted to get out fast & save our game?Sure,you CAN surface every 10 levels down(Just like TTYD),but........oh,whatever.

Posted by PyrosTheStickman - November 26th, 2011

---i'm bored